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We have designed this site to represent a network of established and reputable domestic car dealers who wish to offer their cars internationally. We are committed to supply you with the best possible cars at the best possible prices. Our suppliers are amongst the largest dealers in Japan and collectively turnover in excess of 1000 cars per week. Their main business is to supply “domestic grade cars” to the Japanese domestic market. They are now extending their business to offer the same quality cars for export all over the world. Many cars available do not get added to the database as they turnover very quickly and some cars on the database may be under negotiation. If you have a specific car you are looking for, please ask us to try and locate the right car. Search the database of cars and email or phone any comments, queries or requests to us and we will be happy to assist in your selection. There are links to some of the countries we deal with so if you are a private individual, it may be worthwhile to contact your local agent first.
Recently we have had many requests for slightly damaged cars at cheaper prices so where we can, we will offer these as well. 
Please remember also the prices shown are "car cost" and you must add the export fee of 100,000yen to make an FOB (freight on board) cost plus add any shipping charges to get a landed price. 

Please phone us on +81 9084171035 for more information.

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